Hearthstone Theod Logo explained:

Stone hearth made of 9 stones:  One stone for each of the 9 worlds of our cultural identity

Hammer: Symbol both of our faith and the protection of the warder of Midgard, Thor

Flames: Our faith is forever burning within us, as are the fires of ordeal in this life, and the mettle of our spirit is forged within those flames

Knotwork in the hammer:  The infinite nature of celtic knotwork also speaks to the threads in the web of wyrd that metaphysically connect us both to each other and our ancestors.

Gift cycle runes at the center of the hammer: The gift exchange is at the center of everything within our faith.  The represented runes are gebo, ansuz, mannaz, othila, and teiwaz.  It represents the gift exchange between gods and men, and family and tribe.  This mystery is at the center of all that we do…

The runes arcing above the symbol:  The elder futhark and the mysteries therein are at the core of the metaphysical energy that permeates all.  It is the mysteries of the runes that we use to shape our environment…